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Pictures of a Homestuck photoshoot. Then my camera died because that piece of shit eats batteries.

1) Random picture of people from the steps where I was standing. (And yes. We were warned about the steps. Although not about the cold.)

2) All the kids (I think it was all of them. I have the memory of a goldfish.)

3 & 4) Miscellaneous Cosplays

5 & 6) John

7 & 8) Daves (I will find and count all of the Daves. All of them. I now feel shame for making that joke because it is terrible and overused and I promised myself that I wouldn’t.)

9) Rose

10) Jade (And now my camera decides to be a fuckass and die on me.)

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    look its me and jill as john and rose right in the first pic up front :D there were so many homestucks there
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    Jenny, why are you the only one looking at the camera
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    …Wow, that is a lot of Homestucks. Maybe I should have gone down to the Pru for the meet-up. BUT I DIDN’T. SO OH WELL.
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    I wasn’t in this photoshoot but I was in the other ones. Oops! It was too cold for me that day.
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    holy crap! SO MANY HOMESTUCKS!
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    i gotta say it was cool seeing these things in person. These people really know how to put together amazing costumes.
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    im the fem godtier trickster john :’D
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    im in the god tier shoot! one with a hammerrr to the rightish. c:
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    ((.. A-and here I thought 25 Homestuck cosplayers at the last con were any. asdfghjkl Christ OAO))
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    Can photos just make me sad because I can’t go and personally hug all of these lovely people. :(
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